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Updated: Mar 8, 2023

I am not shy at all in admitting that I have a problem with associating every detail of my life to Spotify. If you've made it this far, you can obviously tell.

In practicing some self reflection this time though, it probably all started sophomore year of high school (2014) when my newly-homeschooled self found heaps of time at my disposal during the day. Truthfully, you can only romanticize the rain outside of your second-floor window so many times before you start to see it in your queue.

That being said, I have corresponding playlists for each of my dear friends, obviously. I also have "the" song for my buddies as well--or most of them. The song has to speak to the friendship, ya know?

Some public and some private (because I'm just enough type A to have to have at least 11 songs on their playlists for them to be publicized), but I'm entirely convinced that some music just sounds like how some people make you feel. Not in a gushy romantic way, because you're definitely on the wrong blog if that's what you're looking for from me LOL, but in a resonance kind of way. Some music just hugs your soul the same way their friendship does--I really can't explain it more than that. Very IYKYK.

Let's jump into it, for those who just need new tunes, to the friends that one day might stumble upon this--love ya bunches!

p.s. I will include the zodiacs of each friend, because 1) I think its a funny little characteristic of each of them and it solidifies why I don't think my zodiac is correct & 2) it will ward off the unappreciative busybodies.

Katlyn (pisces)

Blow Away - a fine frenzy

Every year for Katlyn's birthday she had a sleepover, complete with the teen rom movies and liters of soda and cookie cake. Even though she was only one house down from mine, it seemed like the best adventure getting ready and "packing" for her big night. And for those of you that know why that detail paired with this song is significant--big smiles. The very best of a good childhood in the 2000s, and planting seeds for all of the right dreams. Katlyn and I spent 22 years living next to each other (with a few gaps for college or travels), and somehow this song marked every year as we grew up and became who we are today.

Calista (virgo)

Flapper Girl - the lumineers

This has always been the Calista song to me, but I'm not sure if she really knows that. I found it the year I found her, and between our shared love of the lumineers in that era, as well as almond joy coffee creamer and getting up earlier than we should, it's the old soul meets new swank that is Calista to me. Spend a weekend in an Appalachian mountain cabin making fires alongside the creek type feels. Apple cider and handmade quilts.

Arlee (capricorn)

open - ashlynn malia

Super confident in this one--although I know she probably thinks I should have picked je te laisserai des mots--but this feels more right. The entire time I've known Arlee, she's always felt the most similar to myself. Not really anything I'd want to get into here, but just sitting and having coffee or wine with her feels restful. My senior year of college I spent the month of December in my apartment alone (roommate went home for the holiday month since classes were online), and my little top floor flat tucked behind a residential row, decked with tiny Christmas lights, warm candles, and a snowy town YouTube ambience playing on loop made me feel the coziest I've yet to feel, and it made me feel like Arlee. A steady journal practice, quiet mornings with fuzzy socks and slow rainstorms.

Iti (taurus)

Curicó - kiltro

This one's a little abstract but so is Iti in my mind. Not in a negative way, but in a multi-layered way. You know when you're watching a film or reading novel, and it starts with the main character aged 60-80, sitting in a window facing chair (pipe optional), swimming in their own memories of an adventurous and almost mystical youth, that they're sharing quietly with their descendant or willing listener--that's the vibe here. I feel like one day I'll be sitting and remembering, and the mischief that was my travels with Iti (up until now and hopefully for many more years) will be like looking into a legend. And that's how the song feels.

Holland (taurus)

Quiver ft. Lonas - super duper & lonas

Ok so not only was this song a theme to one of the most iconic photoshoots holland and I did (and to be honest there were ALOT), but it just literally feels like floating on water in a summer twilight. Holland's the type of person who makes you want to take a road trip last minute, and wake up early to start driving before everyone else, snacks and coffee in hand. She's an art gallery tucked alongside an alley, and sneaking into outdoor jazz shows with spiked Topo Chico because we're "with the band." A shower after a Long Beach day, shrimp tacos with a frozen margarita, driving over the 526 bridge at 10pm in May. A little bit wild.

Trinity (aries)

Temper Temper - lime cordiale

She will definitely not get this, but if she ever reads this I'll explain it more in depth. Trinity definitely doesn't see herself as an assertive person, however I think she is by just existing emotionally. Not in a burdensome way, but in a way that makes you want to reassess yourself and think about your actions -- shape up. I know she's not open about it, but she without a doubt knows her exact worth and will make sure she eventually gets you to recognize it if you are not. I really admire that about her, and the spirit of transparency she encourages me to embrace.

Elisa (virgo)

Sunlight - Hozier

I can't explain this very well, so I shall not try too hard. It gives gospel-prophetic vibes in a predestined way, and that's how I see Iceland, thus how I see Elisa since she really is what I image Iceland to be deep down. I just hope she sees how deep of a human she's going to become, and how incredibly far she will go.

Marina (taurus)

Alaska - little hurt

I'm wheezing as I write this, seeing as I'm in fact in Alaska (a long long story, as I sit in this book store cafe and a sickeningly unaware 30+ year old couple makes out like a pair of teens about to reach their curfew in front of me, which I imagine to be a situation Marina might also find herself laughing in). It's not so much the Alaska that makes the song hit though, it's the jumping head first into new (and probably little thought out) things that checks out. I'm sure she'd agree, so I don't feel as though I need to write much more about it here.

Lisa (pisces)

Somewhere Only We Know - miki ratsula

To know Lisa is one of the privileges of my time here so far. She's like an evening time cup of tea, catching up with roommates on the events of the day, someone's burning a candle, and someone else just got out of the shower and is braiding hair. Windows open but heaters on. A time to stretch, a time to breathe, a time to rest.

Reagan (leo)

work - charlotte day wilson

Oh sweet Reagan. A different friend than the rest, in a way that makes me smile. She's young enough to be my sibling, and I kind of wish she was so that I could always hear the twists and turns of her story as she goes. She's got tons ahead of her, but I can't ever imagine her taking the typical path so I only wish her to go fast & alone. Flipping through pages of old books, and lighting candles to watch as the nights pass. The last of the true renaissance people, and what a joy she is to know.

Meredith (aries)

500 Days of Summer - grady

The first time I truly realized Meredith would be a fundamental growth friend: we were sitting in a fancy Mexican restaurant in Budapest (on the pest side), drinking banana margaritas, and listening to this one girl recite a bizarre nursery rhyme to us--pretending to be really interested in her efforts. Fast forward to almost a year later and on the other side of the world, driving a shitty RV down an Alaskan highway, that same unique girl babbling before storming the scene in a furious tantrum and flaunt of wealth (or not?), we really cemented that friendship next to a campfire on the Homer spit--this song playing on the aux. It kinda stuck for me, but also makes so much sense cadence-wise.

Josi (capricorn)

What You Playin' for - cely

Josi is cold orange juice on the beach. Drip glazed pottery and intentionally handcrafted meals for whoever comes over, her thought and care can't be matched. She always means well, and won't ever not follow though. She's always exactly what you need, and I won't elaborate more.

Woohoo that's all for now!

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