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Updated: Mar 8, 2023

If I were to write a book, I'd call it something like this. The problem is, I don't know what I'd fill an entire book with just yet--so the blog will do. And this particular installment will fall under the philosophical ramblings of myself, in hopes that someone out there feels the same. If while reading this you think you might have accidentally drank glue this morning, it's not for you. You're free to move on and talk about sports.

Before I go farther, I want it noted that I do understand the rest of the saying "...when one door closes another one opens," however at the end of the day, do you want to look back and say to yourself "yeah I waited next to the closed door and then when another opened up I went through it," or do you want to be able to say "I made this life. I made these circumstances. When the door in front of me closed, I stopped seeing my life through doors and claimed my opportunities." I'll leave it at that--it should weed out some readers.

When one door closes, jump out the window. I am writing while sitting on top of my washing machine. That has no other meaning to the points I am trying to make, other than I recommend it and its fun. In a way though, it kind of fits. Now--assuming the metaphorical situation is taking place in a room, not a tower or airplane (in which case please just stay seated and ~weather the storm~), nothing is keeping you physically inside that room. Emotionally and mentally are other games entirely, but life becomes a little smoother when you realize that nothing physically is keeping you staring at whatever door it was that you can't unlock now. You might not get to choose your feelings or emotions about whatever it is, but you certainly get to choose your physical reaction and what you do next. So I say again, jump out the window.

Its best to train these things to be autopilot. For many reasons, but two big ones in particular:

1: As people with ego and intelligence, we never want to admit things are out of our control. We either want to fight the door to open back up, or to pretend we don't care and that we love the ~cozy room~. Our first instinct isn't to jump out of the window, but that's exactly why you should. Learn to respond with what you're still given, not react at what's been taken away. Life becomes a lot more fun that way.

2: The average people around you will try to convince you that jumping out of the window could "rEaLlY mAkE yOuR sItUaTiOn WoRsE" and keep you in the room--if you give them time to give their two cents. Yes the world outside the window is unknown, uncertain, and wilder than the room you were just in, but since when has anyone who's perfectly content being locked in a room had any insight on the wonderful possibilities outside the window. (Think, staying in your hometown and never leaving, but being very content and happy with that.). When you don't just go, it opens chances for the ~dwellers~ to remind you what could be through the door if you just waited. Sit on the couch, "tRuSt ThE uNiVeRsE," scroll mindlessly for hours. Spoiler: the Universe isn't an outside magician dedicated to fixing your individual life, nor is it even an outside being that you can sit back and rely on to solve your life. That oozes "I can't take accountability for my self and the power I have over my story." The universe is you--it's your energy, your soul. The universe is who you are at your core...and its telling you to jump the f*cking window. Bonus Points: You can't hear the dwellers talking outside of the room--I'll leave it at that.

Do what you want, but at the end of the day there's two types of people in this world (and I STRONGLY believe that): the producers and the consumers. (Or: the people who book window seats on planes just to keep the blind closed, and then the mentally stable people who book window seats to observe a unique perspective and feel the 30,000ft between them and all of the insignificant problems). If you've made it this far, you're probably a producer, so I'll tell you point blank--let the consumers enjoy your show, but not run it. Let them read your story, but not write it. I'm assuming you've heard of fan fiction, so I don't need to explain this conceptual situation any more.

While that's about as deep as I'm planning on going with my explanation today, the point of this blog is to make you aware that no matter what, you have options. Whether they're obvious, grand, or your first instinct, you have them. You'll know the risk of the window, but realize that once you just look through it you can see the reward of the world, and become better for it in the end. When you realize no one is forcing you to be someone--and you get to choose your life at the heart of it all--things will begin to get quite exciting. Now I gotta go, my laundry's done.

Here's to last year's windows :)

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