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  • What Do I Need to Elope
    Legally: you'll need a marriage license, (usually) an ordianed officiant, and two witnessess (which myself & my assistant are happy to be!). Each state is different, so make sure to check the specific legal requirements in your destination state. Additionally, public venues have individual elopement ceremony regulations (some have none at all, and some have permits and fees...we'll cover all of your venue's specific requiements in pre-shoot as a part of any photography package!) that you'll need to observe to avoid any glitches in your day! Personally: Clothes for our scene! Hiking boots and a windbreaker/rain jacket if we're adventuring through some alpine trails, or easy slip-off shoes and a spare towel if your eye is set on a coastal location. Also depending on season, handwarmers, sunscreen, bug spray (I have several low-scent or essential oil brands I deeply recommend for wedding day needs), or chapstick/lotion to combat weathering on your body throughout the day. During our planning proccess I'm more than happy to work with you to compile the perfect check-list for your day!
  • What Is An Elopement Wedding Day
    Of course every elopement is individual, but super generally: an elopment wedding day is a wedding day where you get to 100% enjoy each other the entire day, while doing exactly what you both want to experience together. You can go to coffee together before getting ready, or you can build up the excitement separately for the "first look." You can plan a ceremony for midday and spend the afternoon hiking, exploring, and picnicing. OR you can plan an evening ceremony and enjoy a private evening focusing on being present while sharing a good meal together. From a photography approach, the days usually flow from coffee/brunch, to getting ready, to first looks & minimal posing, to ceremony, to taking flight on an afternoon adventure well into the evening where we craft memories that tell your emotional journerys together as a new volume of life opens up.
  • Why Is An Elopement Specific Photographer Important
    The same way you wouldn't ask an Android Tech to trouble shoot your Apple Iphone, just any wedding photographer (or photographer even more generally) might not be the best fit for your Elopement day. When you team up with an Elopement Photographer, you not only get a professional artist who's passionate about--and solely focuses on--Elopements as an intimate journey apart from traditional weddings, but you also get a tour guide, an aesthetics advisor, a shoulder for support, a new #1 fan, and a friend. We do it together, from pintrest boards on location ideas, to the last crumpled tissues of happy tears. You're not just signing on a person to tell you where to smile for a couple hours of your day, you're including someone who wants to get excited as our phone countdowns decrease, bring you an oatmilk latte while you get ready, and tell the story of you gently, truthfully, and authentically. You're collaborating with a human, passionate about the little moments and big loves of other humans.
  • How Do We Know If Eloping Is Right For US
    Ahhhh, the biggest question, yet the one I cannot promise an answer. Truthfully, I think it depends on a ton of little factors, and one big factor: when you dream of your wedding day, what is the most important part to you? If that answer is "sharing and celebrating my love with my friends and family," then maybe an intimate gathering or traditional wedding is your move! However, if you find yourself saying: "to just be entirely present with my partner and honor our love," or "To avoid the stress of everyday life and rest in our moment," OR "to take the attention off everything else and just focus on my partner," then elopment could be your move! Sadly, like most of the big things in life, there's no Buzzfeed quiz to jump into to make the decision for you. Trust me, I wish. At the end of the day though, you'll know if elopement is right for you, if thinking of it allows you to dream freely, breathe deeply, and rest peacefully.
  • Do You Do Any Photoshoots Other Than Elopement/Wedding
    1000000%. I started photography professionally with graduation photos, and still take a handful of portrait bookings each year in addition to engagement and family photos. For those bookings I usually handle over email or social DM, and reserve my online systems for my elopement/wedding clients. I'm also an avid travel photographer, and I can't resist a good personal project documenting my own adventures as I navigate the world.
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